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Is your business online?

Is your business present online? And on social? Can you afford to not be online? With 11.8 million active social media accounts and 79.1 million mobile connections in South Africa, it is easy to understand that 61% of web traffic comes from mobile, and only 32% of web traffic comes from desktops – after all, how do you search for information, on your phone? Or on a desktop? If your website isn’t mobile responsive yet, now is the time to get this sorted. And if you don’t have a website yet, with all the online bells and whistles connected to it, the need has never been more critical.

Our Purpose

As entrepreneurs, we can’t ask ourselves, “Do we need a website?”. Having a website should be part and parcel to having a financial plan for your business. We understand though, that paying for a website sometimes feels like a grudge purpose, but it shouldn’t. We help small businesses get set up online, correctly, without the high price tag.

Our Values

We believe in:

  • Affordable web development
  • Quality design
  • Social media integration
  • Full responsive design from mobile to tablet
  • Optimised text and copy on websites
  • Helping small business owners in South Africa, ethically and honestly
  • Delivering above and beyond what our clients expect
  • Making the process fun, but efficient
Our Mission

To create websites, digital branding opportunities and social media strategies that deliver to the bottom line of small businesses, where it matters to entrepreneurs and business owners. To deliver the best, without the massive price tag, and to help you drive sales and customer service for your business.

Less Expensive

If you have ever researched advertising on radio or television, you will know that it is much more expensive than advertising online. In fact, it costs around R3,50, depending on the industry, to get a lead to your website through Google advertising or through social media advertising. But for customers to find out more about your business, your need a website.


Having a website, means your website has a home and an address your customers can visit online. It’s is important to note, that when customers search for a business like you, that the pros make sure that your business is top of mind, and top of search results, especially when your potential customers do not already know of you specifically.

Increase Customers

The better your website it designed, and the better your content is written on your site, the easier your customers will find you. Be sure that the right company takes your customer on the right jounrey to finding you first.

Small Business Web Mobile Phone


Ever wondered who is looking for you after hours? Your website is the pitstop between your closing time and your opening time. Its also the best pitstop for customers to get the info they need on your business offerings, and to make their decisions without you pitching to them. Make sure your website not only looks good, but converts searchers to leads.

Access to Info

Do you have a unique product offering, or a niche service? Even better for online! We can help you understand how many people search for your service or product monthly, and make sure the right customers find you.

Know your customer

Ever wondered how, where and when people are looking for you? Websites give you access to trackable info, and the real data that helps you shape your other marketing efforts outside of your website and nline marketing.

How do we work?

We like to keep things uncomplicated. We’re based in Johannesburg, but love the internet – therefor, we can help you from wherever you are – from Jozi to Canada. With more than 9 years of experience in web design and digital marketing, we can help you get your business online, and ensure that you customers find you. We want to partner with yo, to bring the best to your business, and to contribute to your business profit line.

Step 1

Send us your request via our contact form, and tell us what you’d like. We have various packages, or can customise each package to suit your needs.

Step 2

Brief us┬áby telling us what you want from wherever you are, based on the package you selected, and we’ll send you a quote. Once accepted, we get to work immediately. And if its an urgent request, we can always make a plan. From Cape Town, to Joburg to the moon! We can help you from wherever, whenever.

Step 3

We create your website, small business branding package, or social media campaigns, and send it to you to review. We make the required changes, and bob’s your uncle – we put it live!

Step 4

We don’t stop at designing your website, we always go above and beyond. We make sure Google trawls your website, and that your website appears correctly, and when someone is searching for it. we can even help you run your Google campaigns and social media campaigns.

You are the owner of your businesses’s future

We don’t stop at web design, but advise that all entrepreneurs and business owners always take care of their website first and foremost.

BUT! How do you do that without a logo? When do you set up your social media profiles, and how do you actually use then to drive leads, and contribute to sales?

We can help with this too. Let us help you in phases, that brings your marketing plan together, and helps you define your brand and business online.

we promise to help you do this effectively, without the massive price tag you expect.

Some of our clients

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